Friday, April 25, 2003


-She walked in like royalty. We loped around her, covering our faces.

-Symmetry exists because of imperfections. The mirror gives itself away because of subtle reflections. Otherwise it would be a habitable space. Time forward is not the same as time backward. No matter how abstract the mirror, it always has a fault.

-Denouement is underrated. Too often the fall from climax is so abrupt as to make our stomachs turn. Listen: The man has stopped singing. The chorus now chimes in, cradles us in their voices, softly lays us down.

-Truth is like an explored landscape. Unreachable truths are like far-away lands that we can only point to and wave our arms. We clamber back and forth; metaphor and analogy are our only crude tools. But what if the tools we need have not been imagined? (A is like B presumes B)

-Our world is manufactured by our community, our friends. It is a universe of consensus. As we jump to different circles we re-discover the proliferation of worlds.

-Our arguments follow the same pattern. The rules of rhetoric were discovered long ago. Often we willfully delude ourselves that we are making progress. To think otherwise is unbearable.

-We are storytellers. Our life, when drawn for others, has the straightforward drama of a classic narrative. The text has been cleaned of the ugly and the inscrutable. But have we left out the most important parts?

-We are so anxious to create meaning out of patterns that we create them out of nothing. An unrelated sequence of events becomes a cataclysm. Two insults in a row become our downfall. One unsolicited kiss becomes our salvation.

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