Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mitsu writes:

Today: I was zooming around as I often do --- I realized that I love this feeling of speed, fluidity, alacrity --- but it isn't because I like to hurry. To the contrary, I love leisure, taking time with things, lingering. But there are transitions, movements in between, and those I actually do love to make quite quick, not in a need for rushing, but rather just because I feel every moment of life is somehow crucial, and so I can linger just that bit longer both before and after, I move from each slow moment to another with as much lightness as I can muster without actually hurrying, so that I can again take my time there, as long as feels right.

Then again I also notice there are these moments when it is just the right thing, it seems, to stop --- to leave, it feels like the thread of that place and time has been all spooled up and the time to go is now.

-from SyntheticZero

If I can point to one weblog that inspired me to start my own, it would be his (if I could point to two it would be this one, which reminds me that there is so much magic in the world, waiting to be unraveled.) This passage is typical of what I found intriguing about his weblog. He is not so much self-absorbed as he is self-examining.

I too like to linger on moments which are just about to arrive or have just concluded. It is like being a passenger on a train with all the focus on that sudden stop, drawing in the time around it.

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