Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday in Portugal


madrid: hotel urbanmadrid: parque del retiro

evora: initiationevora: bones

lisboa: bairro alto hotellisboa

lisboa: otterlisboa: restaurant

From the top of the Templar wellQuinta da Regaleria

happy birthday mevideo: me in lisboa

Notes on the photos above:

**Tapas place in Madrid's Plaza Santa Ana. Not too far from the Hotel Urban where I stayed.
**The FNAC bookstore in Madrid has a section where you can sit down and read as many books as you like.

**The Hotel Urban in Madrid. A beautiful but dark hotel which I think was built for vampires.
**A colorful art exhibition in the Crystal palace at the center of Madrid's Parque del Retiro

**Uperclassmen initiating freshmen in Evora, Portugal
**Evora's Ossuary: composed of the remains of over 5,000 people.

**The BiarroAlto Hotel: where I stayed in Lisboa.
**Street in Lisboa

**The otter that was enraptured by Claudia. (Claudia can also speak otter-language, a squeaky high-pitched tongue)
**At a restaurant with Claudia

**Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal. This is from the top of the Templar well.
**Quinta da Regaleira

**Happy Birthday to me: At Olivier's. Possibly the best chocolate dessert I've ever had.
**One frame of a video of me

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