Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am Knot Theory

I am Knot Theory

In which I try to emulate all other journals.

Which Graduate Text in Mathematics are you?

You are Lickorish's Introduction to Knot Theory

This is probably close to true. But I always favored books on Lie Algebras (tied back into particle physics and such) and Stochastic Processes. When I was in college, stuff like Chaos theory was just beginning its sexy rise.

I am currently listening to:

Camille Saint Saens Danse Macabre

Actually, I've never really "gotten" classical music. The few concerts I've been to have done nothing but put me to sleep. Jazz, on the other hand, can put me into a euphoric state. These days I mostly listen to electronica - the sort of stuff played on SOMA FM's Groove Salad. I also like 80's music.

Jokes I like:

Okay, two sausages are sitting in a frying pan. The first sausage says, "Is it getting hot in heir to you?" The second sausage then replies, "Holy shit, a talking sausage!"

I was having dinner with Charles Manson the other day and he turned to me and said "Is it hot in here or am I crazy?"

A grasshopper walks into a bar and orders a martini. The bartender looks at him and says "You know, we have a drink named after you." To which the grasshopper looks at him quizzically and says "You have a drink named Steve?"

As you can see, I tend to favor the short and absurd. I was always a big fan of Steven Wright type jokes.

Playing online:

A surreal game called Kafkamesto.

I found this through Jayisgames.

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