Tuesday, April 01, 2003

My friend Lisa writes me to let me know that she is on the cover of a Polish art magazine. That is her on the left in the above pictures, wearing a skirt and wielding a red light saber.

The magazine Raster is online and looks interesting even if, like me, you dont understand Polish and have to settle for looking at the pretty pictures (ooh! Nan Goldin.)

When I think of Lisa, I still think of her as I knew her in college and I think of play-doh carrots. She used to buy orange and green play-doh and make hundreds, no thousands, of tiny play-doh carrots - small enough that you could roll them between two fingers.

She left these carrots everywhere, she kept them in tiny boxes and also let them run wild all over her room. Sometimes, at unexpected moments, like when removing a book from a shelf, out would come a little stream of carrots.

I am still not sure whether this was some sort of art project or whether it was just playful obsessiveness. With Lisa, I'm not sure there is a difference.

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