Saturday, October 16, 2004

When I started xulsolar, I meant it to be a weblog about strange and beautiful things in Physics and Mathematics, a sort of encyclopedia of observations about the universe we happen to inhabit. The intent is to draw upon my background in Physics and Astrophysics but really distill it down, stripping away the cold equations and just presenting the bare concepts.

I still intend to do this and I'll let this post act as a spur. I just discovered some old notes I had made about some topics I intended to write about and here they are, with more details to follow...

Dirac and his Large Numbers (Done!)
Feynman and the Timeless Universe
Irreducible Complexity: It is evidently true
Least Action Principles: An alternate view of reality
Kaluza-Klein: The symmetry of higher dimensions
Mach's principle and extreme relativity
The Universe as a broken mirror

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