Friday, November 12, 2004

The Cult of the Frog is growing. I received my black shirt from Michael this week. Several friends have asked me for one. Schlomo, at his bar, is almost getting mugged for them.

Do you remember me?
And that chick you danced with two times through the Rufus album friday night at that party
on Avenue A
where your skin-head friend passed out for several hours on the bathroom floor
And you told me you weren't that drunk
And that I was your favorite Salsa dancer you had ever come across in NYC
And when we were finished making out, we noticed that your skinhead friend was gone
And you looked into my bloodshot eyes and said
"is it too soon if I call you Sunday"

-from Pink Martini's Eugene
(not on any albums...yet. You can email me for the MP3)

Toshio Hirano, the Japanese Cowboy
is Waiting for a Train (MP3 here)

Garcia Marquez's new as-yet-untranslated novel:
Memories of my Melancholy Whores begins
“In my ninetieth year, I decided to give myself the gift of a night of love with a young virgin.”


whiteallen said...

I have lookd for "Hey Eugene" for a while and could not find it. The lyrics are so cool and the music pure jenius..I have part of the mp3 but th end is cut off. would appreciate if you could tell me where to get it or send it to me.

banubula said...


Email me at gmail. Use vacapinta as the username.