Thursday, March 31, 2005

ARMILIA. A mysterious underground city located at the North Obscure Pole. The only part of it ever seen looks like a cross between an armiliar sphere and a complicated clock. It appears that it can be used to manipulate both time and weather. The serious breakdown of 746 AT may have been caused by a little boy named Bronislaw Kunkely, believed to possess paranormal powers.

This is one entry in the Encyclopedia of Obscure Cities. This English introduction provides only a minor glimpse of what is an enormous and detailed invented Universe. The main site Urbicande is not so navigable; be careful or you might get lost within its structure.

One obvious inspiration is that of Italo Calvino and his Invisible Cities, a book composed of vivid stories of different cities, each both peculiar and ravishing. (Or, perhaps they are all facets of the same city)

There is of course a city named Calvani:

One of the loveliest of the Obscure Cities....Calvani is a vegetarian city, and no exception is tolerated. It produces great wines and subtle perfumes, and rare woods are used as currency. Because so much of the city is made of glass, window-washers are very powerful there.

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