Sunday, October 24, 2004

Notes from my Birthday:

1. Friends from Costa Rica had invited me to come visit them for my birthday. But this year I decided I would just stay in the city and fill my day with quiet reunions with friends.

2. I didn't recognize B. not only because I hadn't seen her in a year but also because she had a wig on and was dressed like the St. Pauli girl. This was the theme of the party. Oktoberfest. I dont think she knows how much I really like her. (Well, perhaps now she does.)
I had been invited to a few parties Saturday. Usually my tendency is to stay home but Saturday I decided to go out with A. and LR (and a few others later) B.'s party was the highlight of the evening.

3. The home-cooked Italian meal that Alessandra made was amazing. She grew up in Rome. Now I know how to make Pasta Carbonara (with eggs and pancetta!) and Saltimbocca alla Romana (the prosciutto makes it)

4. Alexie, hands waving, is telling me how he cannot find the right woman. Two blonde girls are walking towards us. Alexie, in an extroverted mood, gestures to one of them and says "See? Here for example is my ideal woman! The way she walks, her hair..."

The girl Alexie had pointed out is understandably startled but they both pause to try to make sense of this. Alexie adds "I bet you are a Taurus! This always happens between me and Tauruses..."

The girl's eyes brighten. "I am a Taurus!" Her friend says "Wow, perhaps you two are soulmates."

A few minutes later, Alexie has gotten the girl's phone number. As we are walking away, her friend yells at us "You'd better call her!"

5. Fudge cake birthday cake

6. Butterflies

7. Reflexology

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