Sunday, January 09, 2005

Instant Message

14:04:01 R.: She turned her sullen mouth now to the discussion of meaningless matters with Count Banubula, who bowed and swung as gallantly as Scobie's green parrot ducking on its perch.
14:04:12 Me: ;)
14:04:28 Me: l like that quote
14:04:42 R: i am making you re-read it a sentence at a time.
14:05:14 R: yes, it is poetry, Durrell's prose, rich and dense
14:05:30 Me: i think thats my new weblog tagline
14:06:04 Me: which book is that from?
14:06:15 R.: Balthazar
14:06:44 R.: page 49 of the Penguin paperback
14:07:18 R.: Clea gets some of the best lines.
14:09:46 R.: it is great to re-read the quartet. i dreamed it would be and it is. anticipating the overlapping meanings and with enough forgetten details keeping it fresh.
14:10:09 Me: its the kind of book that is better on a re-read
14:10:25 Me: the first time you are too consumed with trying to figure out what is going on
14:10:39 Me: the next times, you can just enjoy the words and descriptions
14:10:44 R.: although so beautiful

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