Saturday, January 08, 2005

Photos I'd like to take:

Walking into a theatre after a movie has started. The movie is brightly playing on the screen. Look back toward the audience and you can see that their faces are all lit up with a whitish glow. But, look at their expressions! If it is a comedy, they will have the same joy and laughter on their faces as if they were with close friends or as if they were children. Or, you will see the fear on their faces, the skepticism or the wide-eyed expression of enchanted belief. An entire sea of faces but each with private expressions. I saw this once when entering a theatre late and that is a picture I'd like to take.

You have been walking through a forest and twilight arrives. The earth and the trees are losing their outlines. In fact, the trees are becoming the earth, the earth becoming the trees. The world feels intangible. Colors have disappeared and the faint light only leaves patches of gray. Ideally, this would be a black and white photograph. I havent seen one yet that captures twilight close to how it is experienced or felt, as a dissolved world.

You are invited to a small party of friends and it has gone on late. People have made that movement from awkward small conversations to the private banter of isolated groups and now it has reached the moment where the entire party of people all feels connected but fluid. Every word spoken, step taken now happens within the context of the group and in any captured photograph during these moments it is apparent that what is happening is that everyone in the photo is in tune, as if they are all listening to the same music. Each element, each glance or laugh is a mirror, a reflection of a choreographed dance.

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