Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Conversation Yesterday with all the Context Removed:

Man #1:
I mean, I said yes but I can't really say that I have it in me, that I
even know what that means or how it would work in the future...

Man #2:
Don't think about the future. Think about the moment, about now, about
what is happening to you. Focus on the present. Things will start
happening now but they will happen suddenly, driven by emotion,
emotions you didnt know you had.

Man #1:
You know what will happen to me! What will happen to me?

Man #2:
Things will change quickly for you now. In a month, you'll be a
different person; in a year, you'll be another person. You'll look
back on this time and it will all seem so confused, so mad, like a
nonsense dream.

This whole next year will all feel immediate for you, really vivid and
real. You will feel it all deeply. You will fall in love with the
world one day and you will despise it the next. The smallest things
will make your heart race. The memory of this next year will be burned
deeply into you.

It's odd but a part of you is waking up, is about to wake up. That is
why you will be and feel more alive.

I can tell you that things will be terrible but they will also be
wonderful. Things will just happen and they will make no sense but
later, you will look back and it will seem, well not obvious, but ...
inevitable. you go...

Take good care of yourself

Man #1:
Thank you, Sir. And thank you for your advice.

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Robot Pirate Ninja said...

thanks, your kind advice has brought me peace.

multiplied it even.